A Little Compare and Contrast

Posted on Nov 6, 2014

I often use Bullseye glass in my work. In addition to being a local factory and resource center, they have an amazing selection of colors from subtle to gem-like.

Many of the styles of glass also come in iridescent finishes. These can range from delicate silver or gold to intensely colored rainbow effects, and from velvety-looking, almost-matte finishes to a striking metallic shine.

The iridescent coating is often barely noticeable in a finished piece during the day. At night however the extra sheen can offer a new layer of visual interest. A piece that would otherwise be largely muted by the dark can really sing. You can see what I mean in the images below.

By the way, if you are in Portland, OR I highly recommend taking the time to schedule a visit for a factory tour of the Bullseye facility. The way they produce hand-made sheet glass is a pretty spectacular process to see in action. It’s also pretty loud, so consider bringing earplugs if you have sensitive ears.

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